Earlier this year our elders drew our congregation’s attention to the fact that our building lease will expire in February 2018 and invited our congregation to join them in prayer. Our elder team began prayerfully and diligently exploring ideas regarding what’s next for our church. From the get-go, this topic has been approached as bigger than merely a building issue. It’s about pursuing a direction that best allows us to faithfully carry out the mission and vision God has called us to as a church. 

After exploring multiple and diverse solutions over several months, our elder team concluded that the most compelling direction for pursuing our mission as a church would be to have our church family be adopted into the Colossae Hillsboro church family. In early August, this idea was brought to our congregation and they were invited to pray and dialog with our elder team about it. The idea was received with an open mind and as a church family we navigated the strong emotions that necessarily accompany big decisions, participated in conversations together and grappled with questions and unknowns about the future. That’s what good families do. Increasingly, we saw people in our congregation reach the same conclusion our elder team reached: this is a surprising, exciting direction with great potential for compellingly bringing Jesus’ gospel to our city.

So, with great anticipation and a strong sense of leading from God’s Spirit, we’ve moved forward with this decision and were officially adopted into the Colossae Hillsboro church family on October 15th.


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