Reedville Mentor Training

  • Westport Church 20475 Northwest Amberwood Drive Ste 120 Hillsboro, OR, 97006 United States

Are you interested in getting involved with Reedville's Mentor Program this year? Would you like to learn a little bit more but aren't sure you're ready to commit? If so, this training is for you! Please join us in the office lobby to hear from Robin Farup-Romero, Reedville Principal, as she talks about the benefits of the mentoring program. A portion of the meeting will be spent training new volunteers so that they can begin meeting with their students in the next few weeks!

Being a mentor involves spending 30-60 minutes with a student once a week. It may not seem like much, but this weekly commitment can change a life by helping a child build a solid foundation of values, establish goals, improve their academic and life skills, and help develop their self-esteem and confidence.

If you'd like to particpate in the training to hear more please email Matt & Ciara Hartzell at localmissions [at] westportchurch [dot] org