We love the Hillsboro area. As a church, we want to be known as an asset to our community.  And so we serve our city - passionately, generously, and sacrificially - with no strings attached.  Through local mission efforts, we seek to connect with and contribute toward the physical, relational, spiritual, and financial needs of the people of our city.

Of course, we can't solve all of our city's problems. But we can start somewhere. Currently our eyes and hearts are focused on the area of our city known as Reedville. We dream of seeing the gospel of Jesus bring transformational change and are currently building partnerships with others inside and outside of Reedville toward that goal.  Westport’s High School students run a homework club at Reedville Elementary School throughout the school year and several Westporters run a food pantry in Reedville year round.  

The past two years, this place has come alive and you have been a part of that.
— Robin Farup-Ramero, 2014 (Principal, Reedville Elementary)

We’re always looking to expand the ways we can bless Reedville families.  Have an idea?  Come join us!

Contact localmissions [at] westportchurch [dot] org for more information.


There are 143 million oprhans in our world at risk to many injustices: poverty, slavery, sex-trade, AIDS... The problems of poverty and injustice are some of the greatest challenges ever to face humanity. But through the church there is hope. We believe the church must rise up on behalf of the marginalized and oppressed and be advocates of justice.

Westport Church has been called to participate in God's mission to bring justice to the orphans in India. We have developed strategic partnerships with Orphan Outreach and the Christian Alliance for Orphans to help support this call.

Gan sabra HIV HOme

Because of the stigma of their disease, HIV positive children in India are being abandoned by their extended families, turned away from schools, and even orphanages. The Gan Sabra HIV Home in Aizawl, India lovingly provides a home for HIV/AIDS children, and is currently our primary partner for missional work in India.

The name (Gan Sabra) came from the Hebrew words, gan (garden) and sabra , which is a species of cactus that grows in the Palestinian desert. As sabra not only survives in the desert but also provides water for travelers, so also the children living with HIV/AIDS not only can survive in a different environment, but can also provide love and security to each other.
— Lucy Maruati - Director, Gan Sabra

Contact globalmissions [at] westportchurch [dot] org for more information including child sponsorship opportunities.

We are currently recruiting for our Fall trip to Gan Sabra HIV Home scheduled for October 19-29, 2017. If you would like additional information email globalmissions [at] westportchurch [dot] org. If you are interested in participating, please download, complete, and return an adult or child application to Justin Wolverton by April 23rd.

National (church planting)

We believe the local church is the hope of the world. As such, we are always looking for ways to see gospel-centered churches get started near and far. 

Currently, we're helping The Embassy Church in urban Denver, CO and Remedy City Church in the Bethany area on the West side of Portland get established through financial support, leadership coaching & encouragement, and by sending mission teams.

Contact Pastor Justin at justinw [at] westportchurch [dot] org for more information.