Our Mission

Westport's mission is to help people Encounter Jesus, Experience Real Relationships, & Extend God's Kingdom. We believe these are the foundations for living gospel centered lives. We do this through our worship gatherings each Sunday to celebrate Jesus,  as we meet and share life during the week through our Gospel Communities on Mission, and serve our city, the nation, and world through our missional work.


Our values are the "why" behind all that we do as a ministry. They are our uniqueness. They define us. They shape us. They direct us.

We invite you to embrace these values with us:


He alone is our true and lasting treasure. We follow His words and His ways, pursuing Him with passion.


We follow the Bible as the ultimate source of truth about God, His creation, and life.

Life Change

The good news of Jesus transforms lives. We won't rest until every person is transformed by forgiveness, restoration, and joy.


Whatever we do, we do together. In the long run, a team outperforms an individual every time.


We believe that every person is creatively and uniquely made to creatively and uniquely serve. Including YOU.

Serving the city

We generously serve and sacrificially love our city, with no strings attached.


Changed lives result in more changed lives. We reproduce at every level, individually and collectively.


What we believe is important, which is why one of our values is Truth. Here are a few essential truths we affirm.


The Father is God. The Son is God. The Spirit is God. These are not three gods, but three persons in the Godhead. There is only one God.

The Bible

The very words of the Bible have been inspired by God to the authors of Scripture. There are no errors in the original texts of the Bible.


By man, we mean male and female. Man is created in the image of God, which means that all persons have value. We were created innocent, but we have all sinned in Adam when he sinned at the Fall in the Garden of Eden. As such, we are naturally separated from God and need to be redeemed.


Salvation is a free gift of God, offered by grace through the death of his holy Son, Jesus Christ. Because man is fallen, we are unable to obtain salvation by our own merit. We believe that God first calls us to Himself, enabling us to respond in faith to Him. Our faith is in the risen Christ, who now lives in heaven with the Father.

Looking for more information?

You can also download a more thorough affirmation of our beliefs here.