Kingdom Come

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray, he invited them to say, "Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

In other words, he wanted them to set their hearts on God and his priorities. If we as Jesus' disciples on the west side of Portland prayed this way and together lived out our prayers, what would that look like?

As we head into this fall let's do some "basic training" on Jesus' Kingdom ways so we can gain more of the abundant life he promised!


Psalm 120-134

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Life is a journey". Journey is a common metaphor for finding meaning and purpose in life, especially when we face challenges. Those who look to the Bible for hope and help consistently encounter journey metaphors that vividly convey God's wisdom for the everyday stuff of life.

One section of the Psalms, called the Psalms of Ascent, were written to instruct the nation of Israel on the pilgrimages they took to Jerusalem each year. Though written three thousand years ago, these psalms faithfully equip all who read them with vital, compelling instruction for the journey of life.

Join us this summer as we examine these psalms and put their wisdom into practice in our day-to-day lives!

Grace is Greater

Disappointment. Resentment. Bitterness. Revenge.


We face a daily reality in relationships: we hurt each other. A lot. We long for grace but struggle to give and receive it. We discover that grace deeply refreshes, but it also deeply disturbs. We're left with a dilemma: is grace greater? Really?

Easter answers this question with a resounding, YES! Grace IS Greater. Please join us this Easter Sunday as we celebrate the grace of God. And then join us the following five Sundays as we explore in practical ways the joy that comes with extending grace to each other.

Living Hope

Hope. It's as necessary for life as the air we breathe. We as humans have a profound desire to know that the future is better than the present. At first, this hope seems linked to the promise of good and pleasant circumstances. but it doesn't take long for us to see this world can be cruel and that bad things happen to good people.

Peter was a man who first set his hope on Jesus fulfilling his dreams. Yet following Jesus shattered those dreams. Later in his life, he wrote a letter full of hope to a people experiencing profound suffering. Clearly something had changed in his understanding of hope! And what he wrote can make a profound difference in your life today.

Join us Sundays at 10:00am as we journey through the book of 1 Peter.

Love Like Jesus

There’s so much pain and hurt in the world, sometimes it's hard to see anything else. But what if, when we looked around, all we saw was love? The greatest sacrifice in history shows us how to make it happen. Let’s learn to Love Like Jesus.

In this three-part series, we'll look at three main ways that Jesus loved the Church: by forgiving sinners, washing feet, and breaking bread.

Advent 2016

The Christmas season can often be a disorienting mixture of joy and sorrow, anticipation and anxiety, hope and disappointment.

In the midst of all the busyness, shopping, decorating, parties, time with families, etc., it's easy to lose sight of the God who is the source of those joys and the comforter of those sorrows.

We hope you'll join us each Sunday of Advent to capture the essence, the meaning, the significance, the relevance, the hope, peace, joy and love of Immanuel, God with us.


As Americans we live in the most widely affluent society in history. Even the poorest among us have comforts and resources unheard of in other times and places. So why are we so unhappy? Anxious? Overwhelmed?

Simply put: we've got a bad case of affluenza, the insatiable craving for more! We regularly rehearse the mantra, "If only I had more *fill in the blank*, I'd be happy!" Yet, accumulating more only increases our craving for more!

Thankfully, Jesus is aware of our sickness and the bible provides us with the antidote. Join us for our fall teaching series and discover the freedom that comes with being entrusted.


Imagine trying to live without light. How long would you last? Likely not long. Light nourishes, heals, grows, and enlivens. We cannot live without it.

When Jesus came on the scene, he was compared to light. Like the sun bursting through the clouds on a gloomy day, Jesus chases the gloom and despair of sin from human hearts. Those who receive him become children of God, children of light.

Join us for this series as we learn what it means to illuminate a world still shrouded in darkness.

One Body, Many Parts

Ever cross paths with someone who thought too highly of themselves? How about someone who just did the opposite, never believing they had anything to contribute? Ever been that person?

Every person struggles to find their place in the world. Thankfully, through Jesus, that struggle can turn into joyful confidence. Listen in to learn how as we are taught for the first time by our new Student Ministry Director, Sean Haggart!

Joshua: Living in the Promise

Joshua 1-24

Change. It's the one constant in life. We regularly face big changes like graduations, job transitions, moving days, hospital stays, weddings, and new babies. And each day we encounter little changes like unexpected traffic snarls, illnesses, relational conflict, bills, and missed expectations.

Every change that comes our way challenges our faith because every change introduces unknown. Will what or who we've trusted to this point be sufficient for whatever comes next? How do I know?

The foundational stories in the Bible, and the lead characters in those stories, are meant to teach and encourage us. The story of Joshua is a powerful story that helps us move into change with courage and conviction.

Join us this summer as we take a look at this hero of the faith and find strength and hope to live with a more heroic faith.

Leaving The Upper Room

You say you want to make an exciting journey - but your afraid to buy your ticket. You are worried about finding a house sitter. You don't speak the language. The food is weird. You have too much baggage!

You are in good company: the first followers of Christ had the same problems. Click below to listen and find out what the Bible says about overcoming our fears and stepping out in faith.

Follow Me Part 5

Matthew 7:13-27

Let's face it: the best things in life are difficult, especially at first. The easy way is so very enticing, but the benefits are short-lived. We may not like that answer, but we know it's true.

Jesus, the greatest teacher who ever lived, confirmed this truth as he closed his teaching on the Kingdom of Heaven life. He provided for vivid, contrasting metaphors to sink the truth deep into our hearts.

Join us for the "home stretch" as we close out our time exploring Jesus' dynamic and important teaching.

Follow Me Part 4

As we learn from Jesus' teaching about the best kind of life, we may get the idea that our interaction with God is a private matter. But that is far from true. Following Jesus is a community affair.

Deep inside, we know we need others. Even more so, we know we're meant to influence others for good.

Sadly, we often attempt to influence with some common unhelpful choices: condemning, performing, demanding, and coercing. These seem to work, at least at first. But we soon discover they cannot produce lasting change. Thankfully, Jesus has a much better way for us, with much better results in mind.

Join us this Sunday as we kick off part four of our Follow Me message series.

Running On Empty

Luke 24:13-35

Feeling overwhelmed with life? Too much to do, not enough time? Running on empty?
We live in the most affluent age in all of human history. Yet, disappointment, envy, and cynicism rule the day. The more we have, the more we seem to need. We simply cannot satisfy the emptiness inside with more activity and stuff.
Easter reminds us that emptiness need not be the end of the story. On that first Easter, an empty tomb brought resurrection power and hope that remains available today. Jesus is risen!
Come celebrate with us this Sunday at 9:30 & 11:00am and hear an Easter message of hope and help for all ages.

Good Friday Experience

Matthew 26:17-75, 27:1-61; Mark 14:12-72, 15:1-47; Luke 22:7-71, 23:1-56; John 18:1-40, 19:1-42

Every year on Good Friday we take time to remember the story of the final hours of Jesus' Life. Our creative team has worked tirelessly to create a hands-on, self-guided experience to help us find a greater understanding of Jesus' sacrifice for all of us. As part of this experience, our creative team has recorded an audio accompaniment to help bring Jesus' final hours to life.

Click the audio file below to get started.

Follow Me - Part 3

Matthew 6:1-34

The pressure to seem like we're more than we are is often a strong influence in our lives. Posturing, posing, pretending, drawing attention to ourselves, all pull people's focus away from Jesus and on ourselves. In a world constantly encouraging us to seem like more than we are, Jesus gives us the freedom to be more than we seem.

Are you living for the attention of others? Is money and the stuff it buys your focus? Our answers to these questions reveal what we believe. And what we treasure most.

Join us as we continue walking through Jesus' brilliant teaching and see how living for eternity leads to the best kind of life on earth!

Follow Me - Part 2

Matthew 5:13-48

Jesus' most basic instructions were pretty simple: Follow me. Want happiness and contentment? Follow me. Want freedom and health? Follow me. Want fulfillment and hope? Follow me.

Jesus then described to him what following him would look like in what is often called the "Sermon on the Mount." As part of his teaching, he addressed how we seek approval and happiness by keeping (or ignoring) rules. Jesus' response: "Shift your thinking! I have something far better in mind for you!"

Join us beginning January 3 as we follow Jesus toward a truly good a satisfying life!


Sitting courtside at a basketball game differs greatly from the 300 level. You hear all the dialogue between the players on the court and every squeak of their shoes. And they're HUGE! Nearness makes all the difference. It's hard to go back to the 300 level after being courtside.

Sitting courtside is pretty great, but something far more amazing is available to us every day. The God who is the source of everything good desires to be near us. And through Jesus He's done everything necessary for us to freely and readily draw near to Him. And He's HUGE! Nearness to God makes all the difference in life.

Join us at Westport this Christmas season as we celebrate the wonder of Jesus Immanuel, God with us. He is near.