Frequently Asked Questions

Gospel Communities on Mission can feel overwhelming and maybe even a little confusing. You may be wondering how or where you fit into this new idea of community. We've put together answers to a few frequently asked questions to help you.

What if I'm not very social?

Jesus didn't make any concessions for personality types or social capacities when He commanded us to make disciples. One beautiful thing he did, however, was send us out TOGETHER. When a community of Christians works together to enjoy and extend the Kingdom of God, everyone has a role to play. Everyone is needed. You're not being sent out alone. Instead, you're being sent out as a Gospel Community on Mission where your gifts, talents and personality are needed exactly as they are to contribute to a diverse and unified community that regularly gives people a sample of what eternity will be like.

I'm very busy. How am i supposed to fit all this in?

We're certainly not going to suggest that following Jesus won't require some major life adjustments. We all carve out time and money for the things that are truly important to us. But also, please understand, living as a Gospel Community on Mission is not as much about adding a bunch of things to your already busy schedule as it is about thinking and living like a community of missionaries in the midst of everyday life. It's about being missionaries at the grocery store, at the gym, at work, at the park, at school, in your neighborhood, etc. It's more about integration than addition.

What if there are only one or two Westport families in my neighborhood?

Here are a few practical solutions to this common scenario:

  1. Expand the boundaries of your "neighborhood" to include a larger group of people that you and a few others can live among as a Gospel Community on Mission.
  2. Explore or start a Gospel Community on Mission that is interest or cause based instead of neighborhood based.
  3. See if Christians from other churches that live in your neighborhood might be interested in living in a Gospel Community on Mission (or whatever their church calls it).
  4. Connect with the closest existing Gospel Community on Mission while you pray, plan and do some ground work toward developing a GCM in your neighborhood.

Still have some questions? Email justinw [at] westportchurch [dot] org